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Located at the ferry terminal in Kootenay Bay, BC. 

Kristine McGuinty

Kristine McGuinty Kristine is a full time professional artist. Being creative has always been an important part of her life. She was a professional photographer for 19 years, now the paint brush is her “go to” tool for her creative expression. Her work is shaped from her love of nature and she wants her art […]

Lorne Haas

Lorne Haas  Hello. My name is Lorne Haas . I am a retired carpenter / woodworker and Safety and Health Advisor. I live locally and have lived in the Kootenays all my life . I have always had a love for wood and working with it to create things that are unique and are pleasing to […]

Sharman Horwood

Sharman Horwood Although I come from a family of artists, I am self-taught. My mother and my sister were both artists, but I didn’t discover my interest in painting until 1993, when I moved to South Korea. I found that living in any of the Korean cities isolated me from the natural world, and I […]