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Located at the ferry terminal in Kootenay Bay, BC. 

The East Shore is home to many practitioners of various wellness modalities.

In 2023 we had the opportunity to share space in Kootenay Bay with the following local wellness providers. 

Due to a need to change locations and shift to include online connections, we will unfortunately not share daily space in 2024. We definitely look forward to continuing to collaborate and bring access to the many health practices to our shores, however! 

Stay tuned for information on a bi-annual newsletter, our website refresh, online store grand opening, and an exciting event in the works for 2024! 


Melina Cinq-Mars

Hatha Yoga & Thai Massage

To harmonize the body, mind and heart desires is the core intention of the services I offer. I have been an active, certified, yoga teacher and Thai Yoga Massage practitioner since 2004. I love learning and exploring various healing modalities, which keeps my classes and treatments rich and inspired.

Weekly yoga classes are built in a progressive way, starting with simple positions, and adding variations to accommodate all levels and ages. Offering lots of freedom to explore each posture and suggestions of alignment, combined with visualization, to empower each participant to make their own choices as is right for their body. I am available for private yoga sessions to personalize your practice. Yoga mats and blocks can be provided.

Thai Yoga Massage is a non-intrusive massage. It is offered on a mat on the ground, over one’s clothing. It focuses on pressure points from the Ayurvedic energy line system, combined with stretches and manipulations. Massage promotes energy and relaxation all at once. After a Thai Yoga Massage, you will have a similar feeling to the one you experience after a good yoga class; relaxed, energized, and free from tensions. I can incorporate the use of tuning forks during the session, as I am certified in Acutonics®.

I look forward to moving and breathing with you!

I am a Sound and Puo’ shk i’a ni Tameana practitioner, living on the East Shore of Kootenay Lake, who delights in working with groups and individuals. My childhood in Europe and South America seeded a love of archetypes, symbols, and crystals. These ingredients, coupled with my healing journey, brought me to work with sound.  I am a student of Acutonics®, and work with Acutonics Planetary frequencies through forks and hand chimes. I also integrate Tibetan singing bowls, crystals, and traditional Wisdom practices into treatments. As a Tameana practitioner, I use the frequency of crystals and the power of symbols, to activate geometry, which transmutes and transcends blockages in the energy fields.

This practice aligns all layers of Self – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and astral – across timelines and dimensions. Tameana is ancient Galactic knowledge that has returned to our consciousness in the last 16 years. It is very supportive for navigating the planetary evolution happening at this time. Everything vibrates and thereby has a frequency. When our personal frequency experiences resonance in a Sound or Tameana session, our inner capacity to re-member is awakened. This process of vibrational entrainment encourages relaxation, which supports healing.

When all layers of Self emanate a harmonious frequency, our capacity to attract synchronicities and open possibilities aligned with our greater purpose is nurtured. This is the movement of opening to Life, and returning to the Love that we truly are. I look forward to working with

Lee Reidel

Sound & Puo’ shk i’a ni Tameana practitioner

Andrea Wilson

Registered Acupuncturist & Herbalist

Andrea has a deep reverence for the inherent wisdom of the human body. She has been a bodyworker for over 18 years and a Registered Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner for the past 6 years. Motivated by innate curiosity and a true desire to help others, Andrea is grateful to be of service.

Within her practise, she aims to help others tune into their own innate body wisdom. This always includes guiding the nervous system to settle into the parasympathetic state (which is also known as “rest & digest”). From this place of deeper relaxation, the body may restore and regenerate itself. This is the place where healing happens.

During treatment, she draws from a vast toolbox of methods which may include acupuncture, massage, acupressure, cupping, gua sha (scraping), moxibustion, tuning forks, cranio sacral and intuitive touch. If required, she may recommend a herbal formula, as well as dietary and lifestyle shifts. Each treatment is individually tailored depending on the client’s needs.

In her free time, Andrea loves spending time enjoying the beauty of the surrounding lands she is privileged to call home.  Being in nature helps her recharge and is some of her favourite medicine.


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IG:  @innerpath.wellness

Ph: 250-551-5767

Christina is passionate about helping people identify and resolve disturbances in their nervous system so they can heal and transform their lives. She is a certified mindfulness meditation teacher and biodynamic craniosacral therapist and teacher, serving Nelson and Kootenay Lake, BC.

She has spent years practicing meditation, yoga, and craniosacral therapy to heal her own nervous system and is continually amazed by the inherent self-healing power of the human body and mind.

Call (250) 551-4110 or email to book a free half hour biodynamic craniosacral consultation and mini session.

Christina Rella, RCST®

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist