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Connecting Community Through Art & Wellness

Vincent Karcher

Vincent Karcher Light explorer Nomad visual artist base camped in the Rocky mountains. Light explorer and printmaker Part time portraitist Internationaly exhibited and published born in 1990 A huge thanks to EAST SHORE ART AND WELLNESS GALLERY

Klaus Grumbach

Klaus Crumbach Working in both traditional and digital mediums, the art of Klaus Grumbach explores a broad range of subjects and styles, often incorporating surrealistic elements. Klaus immigrated from Hamburg, Germany, where he worked in theatre before turning to graphic design and illustration. Since moving to Canada he divides his time between working as a […]

Shirley Wyngaard, BFA

It is a basic need in my life to paint. I study, seek understanding and visually interpret or express what I experience through painting. My purpose as an artist is not to duplicate the image but to respond to it emotionally, and share the experience with the viewer. In my landscape paintings, the colour, light, […]

Ron Knox

Ron was born in Toronto Ontario and then raised in southern Ontario cottage country but has made the West Kootenays British Columbia his home. Ron has had a passion for art since the young age of ten with his drawing. He was lucky to have gained skills and inspiration from a botanical artist in Ontario […]

Helen Beauchamp

Living in Nelson has made me so appreciative of its natural beauty and historic landscape. My artwork has been very rewarding and allows me to express myself through watercolour giving me the opportunity to convey colour and detail. I feel very fortunate that my artwork has been so well received and in turn gives me […]