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Connecting Community Through Art & Wellness

Lorne Haas

My name is Lorne Haas . I am a retired carpenter / woodworker and Safety
and Health Advisor. I live locally and have lived in the Kootenays all my
life .
I have always had a love for wood and working with it to create things
that are unique and are pleasing to the eye. I love making bowls as part
of that love . All of my bowls are made from local wood accessed mostly by
donation and some purchased . I have used spalted birch ,spalted maple ,
curly maple ,apple and a few others. Everything is made from raw wood and
turned and dried from scratch . Each bowl is unique in appearance and
takes approx 4 to 6 months depending on drying time.
 All of my bowls and cutting boards have food safe finishes. Instructions
for care are supplied with the purchase of each bowl.
You will notice that my bowls do not have a signature on the bottom . I
just couldn’t do it . To me it takes away from the pure beauty of the bowl
. I tell people if there’s no signature it’s probably one of mine .🙂
I originally started out using them as gifts to my friends and family and
was advised I should go public so my start is with Donna at Art and
I hope you enjoy wooden bowls as much as I do .
For the love of wood